Client Reviews

B. Brooks

"Tax Accountants reviewed my 2014 income tax return for errors.  I sold a rental home and wanted to make sure my tax preparer at a national chain prepared the tax return correctly.  Tax Accountants  found missed deductions, amended my tax return, and as a result I received a refund of over $2,000.  They did a great job and I’d definitely use them again. "

P. McGowan

 “The refiling and amending of my taxes gave me a renewed peace of mind and ended sleepless nights.  The process ended threatening letters from the state and IRS.  For any tax problems, I will seek their services again.  Thank you Ms. Johnson.”   

Denise J.

"I love tax Accounts Inc.! They are efficient,accurate, and very timely. They have always been courteous and willing to explain everything to me. They even gave suggestions on how to save for the next year! I would recommend them to everyone."

Liberty CCC - Non Profit Organization

"Tax Accountants, Inc. assisted us with becoming an IRS approved 501(c)(3) organization. Our application was approved within 1 month after it was submitted to the IRS. They are very thorough and we will use them again."

R. Duncan

" Mrs Johnson shared complete, understandable information regarding our tax issue. She used appropriate technology for solutions and kept us abreast of communications with the IRS. Tax Accountants saved us more than $14,000."


C. Curry

“I went to Tax Accountants, Inc. to reduce my tax debt.  Not only did they reduce my tax debt, I got tax refund because they discovered my tax returns were filed incorrectly.  Yolanda was very knowledgeable about how to treat retirement distributions and the other complex tax issues that were ignored by my first tax preparer.  If I’d used Tax Accountants to prepare my initial tax return, I could’ve avoided my tax debt altogether.  They far exceeded my expectations and I’d definitely use them again.”