Frequently Asked Questions


Should I hire a professional to help resolve my IRS problems?

Sometimes taxpayer’s with IRS tax problems decide to face the IRS on their own. Sometimes they hire a professional like a CPA, Attorney or EA, but not someone who specializes in tax resolution. 

The best thing to do when faced with an IRS Problem is to hire an expert in tax resolution so you can get the best result possible. 

Even if you owe $10,000 or less, have all your income tax returns filed, and are able to pay the amount due over 36 months with a guaranteed monthly Installment Agreement (payment plan), it’s good to pay a small fee to have a professional set it up for you.  


What should I do if I have several years of unfiled tax returns?

Don't be embarrassed!  Most people with IRS problems haven’t filed in a few years. It’s a common problem and you are not alone. 

Nearly 10 million people have delinquent tax returns.  Life happens - someone gets sick, someone loses their job, there's no money to pay the taxes one year so they don’t file, and then the person is afraid to file because they don’t want to get caught.  

Seek out a tax professional with tax resolution experience to help you get back on track, file all of your outstanding tax returns, and have a strategy to resolve your tax debt if needed.  Surprisingly, many people in your situation don't owe as much as they anticipated.  


Is a tax professional who can guarantee results better than those who do not guarantee results?

No legitimate Tax Resolution Professional can guarantee results. It is the IRS who ultimately decides the outcome of your case. However, selecting a highly skilled and experienced Tax Resolution Professional with a system of proven results, you can increase your chances of achieving a positive result.